Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Paired single-flower vases

    Paired single-flower vases


    The 19th century

    Glass, bronze, enamel; flashed glass, polishing, faceting, engraving, enamel over guilloche, knurling, gilding

    Height 23.0 cm; diameter of the base 7.4 cm


    Paired vases of colorless translucent glass with "ruby" flashed glass, with conical body with a small trumpet, on a short stem with faceted apple-shaped part and round bronze base. The bodies of both vases with vertical facets and are decorated with carved images of flower garlands; top edges are rimmed in bronze. The bronze base is covered with translucent pink enamel over guilloche background. Its top and lateral sides are emphasized by onlay metal frieze with the image of flowers in flowerpot.