Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Mug with silver hinged lid

    Mug with silver hinged lid

    Russian Empire, Oryol Province, Bryansk district, Dyatkovo village, Moscow (silver)

    Glass - the third quarter of the 19th century; lid - 1871

    Dyatkovo crystal factory; Petr Milyukov silverware factory

    Two-layer glass, silver; blowing, grinding, chasing, gilding, presswork, diamond facet, casting

    Height 18.2 cm

    Marks: "ПМ"; Moscow city coat of arms; "1871"; "84"


    Mug of two-layer glass (transparent white and milk) with handle, with gilded inside silver hinged lid with heel-stopper. Cylindrical body is decorated with wide belts of smooth polished rectangles, emphasized by gold rims; in the center – with the frieze, filled with "stone" facet. Gold painted border with plant shoot emphasizes the crown. Gold «rim» separates all friezes from each other. Multi-beam star is on the bottom. Slightly convex profiled lid is crowned with pinecone; the heel-stopper is connected to with the lid with foliage scroll.