Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Grace cup with the inscription in Cyrillic

    Grace cup with the inscription in Cyrillic

    Russian Empire, Oryol province, Bryansk district, Dyatkovo village


    Boehm E.M. – the sketch author, Dyatkovo Crystal Factory

    Translucent “tea colour” glass; enamel painting, gold painting, blowing

    Height - 16.2 cm, diameter (along the crown) 14.5 cm


    Grace cup made of translucent "tea" glass of spherical shape with a wide low, tapering upward neck, on low cone-shaped profiled stem. The body is decorated with two rows of staggered fancy flowers with scroll leaves, partially located on black background and connected by semicircles of pearls. The neck is separated from the body by profile, decorated with the belt of black and white geometric patterns with gilded Cyrillic inscription in ligature. The upper and lower edges of the neck are decorated with white pearls. The coloring of the enamels is based on a combination of white, green, turquoise and black tints.