Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Decanter with Cyrillic inscription, with stopper

    Decanter with Cyrillic inscription, with stopper

    Russian Empire, Oryol province., Bryansk district, v. Dyatkovo

    The 1870s

    Dyatkovo Crystal Factory

    Transparent colourless glass; blowing, gold and polychrome enamels’ painting

    Height 14 cm


    Decanter made from transparent colourless glass, with spherical body, smoothly merging in short cylindrical throat with flat spout, with friction-fitted stopper, with flat round finial. The decanter body is adorned with circumferential inscription, realized in the stylized Old Russian font. Gold layers with pearl-shaped belts and geometric pattern located between them are above and below the inscription. The body shoulders and its bottom part are emphasized with golden layering; pearl-shaped belt is on the throat. The stopper finial is adorned with stylized rosette and pearl-shaped rim. The colouristic scheme is based on the combination of gold, white and green colours. The decanter is made in the Russian style.