Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Wine glasses from the Imperial yacht Derzhava dinner set

    Wine glasses from the Imperial yacht Derzhava dinner set

    Russian Empire, St. Petersburg

    The 1870s

    Monighetti Hippolyte (Ippolit), Imperial Glass factory

    Colorless transparent glass; blowing, painting with polychrome enamels, golden painting

    Height 10.7 cm (each)


    Colorless transparent wineglasses with round-conical cups, on smooth stems with an apple, on smooth round bases. The glasses’ surface is adorned with polychrome painted pattern comprised of ship chains with suspended medallion, entwined with ropes with the image of a royal orb. The wineglasses base is decorated with the image of chain; The ‘apples” on the stems are marked with oblique lines on gilded background. The cups’ bottom, stems and bases are highlighted with the layers painted with gold and polychrome enamels.

    The wineglasses are the part of the yacht Derzhava ceremonial service, which was intended for the sea voyages of Emperor Alexander II.