Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    England (faience). Russia (setting), Moscow (setting)

    Last quarter of the 19th century

    Royal Worcester (faience). D.S. Shanks' silver institution (setting)

    Faience, silver, ebony; painting, gilding, casting, milling

    Height: 13.0 cm (tea pot), 11.0 cm (sugar bowl), 9.5 cm (milk jug)

    Marks: "SHANKS & Co"; "84", emblem of Moscow. Faience mark: "Royal Worcester England"


    Tea-set of three items: tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug. The pieces are of faience, ball-shaped (tea pot and sugar bowl) or pear-shaped (milk jug), on circular bases, with figured handles, with silver settings of the crown, the spout (tea pot) and lift-up lid (tea pot and sugar bowl). All pieces are made of ebony-colour faience and decorated with coloured painting of fancy flowers on bent branches with the Chinese style leaves. The circular crown settings are plain and free from any decor. Hinged-up lids are in the form of flower rosettes, decorated by twisted ribbon along the edge, have ebony layers between the surface of the lid and the figured grip with embossed ornament.