Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Jar (Honey bowl)

    Jar (Honey bowl)

    England (ceramics). Russia (setting), Moscow (setting)


    Royal Doulton factory (ceramics); M. Lincke workshop (setting), Bolin firm

    Silver, enamel, ceramics, glaze; painting, casting, punch work, gilding

    Height 16.0 cm

    Marks on the setting: C.E.BOLIN, ML; "А.R / 1889", "84", Moscow city emblem. Faience mark: "Doulton Burslem"


    Honey bowl in the form of ceramic pot ornated with decorative girdle of stylised honey combs that serve as the background for forget-me-nots and chamomiles, with silver setting of the crown and removable lid. The crown is plain, free from any decor. The removable lid is decorated with punched sheet and ornated with painted enamel images of flowers and bees.


    The present honey bowl is one of the early, the first and rarely preserved products of the Moscow branch of the Bolin firm. It is a rare and original sample of expensive Russian tea table jewellery, combining silver and ceramics.