Western European Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Jug with ornamental painting

    Jug with ornamental painting

    Western Europe

    The 19th century

    Double layer glass; Blowing, grinding, faceting, polychrome enamels painting, gold painting

    Height 23.3 cm


    Pear-shaped double-layer glass jug (milk-white and blue) with wide throat with ornately shaped edge and handle, on low faceted base. Bottom part of the jug external surface is ornamented by wide vertical facets and raised semicircles, forming large stylized flowers with multi-beam rosette in the center. The “flower” edges are framed by gold paint. The jug surface is decorated with painted images of various birds, flowers, the pattern in the form of twigs with small leaves that are realized in polychrome enamel and gold. The handle is adorned with small twigs with leaves. The handle is adorned by the images of small twigs with leaves. The throat edge is emphasized with gold trim. Multi-beam star is on the bottom.