Ottens, Joachim


Joachim Ottens (1663 - 1719) and his sons Renier (1698 - 1750) and Joshua (? - 1765) were outstanding Dutch booksellers and map publishers.

The period from 1630 to 1700 was the "golden age" of Dutch cartography. The maps were perceived as works of art, manual work was highly valued, engraving was at the highest level, but from the point of view of the geographical accuracy, maps of Dutch masters were inferior to maps produced in Germany, France and other European countries.

Joachim, the founder of the Ottens firm, was born in Amsterdam and initially worked as a copper engraver. In 1711 he founded his own firm engaged in publishing and printing business, selling books, maps, postcards and illustrating them.

Although Joachim died a few years later, his sons, Renier and Joshua, successfully continued their father's business. The most significant contribution to the cartography of the Ottens family was the huge multivolume atlases they made to order, such as Atlas Major. Some Atlas issues are composed of more than 800 separately issued maps.