Japy, Frédéric

The history

The company's founder, Frédéric Japy, was born in Beaucourt, France, in 1749. A son of a blacksmith, Frédéric began to grasp the craft of watchmaking in Le Locle which at that time was not a part of Switzerland yet, but was still a part of Prussia. Having returned home after training, Frédéric Japy founded his own business, and his business began to grow rapidly.

The first three generations of the Japies, the founder Frédéric, his son Louis Frédéric and grandson Inje were great inventors. Thanks to their talent Japy watches dominated in the 19th century. Hand watches for the best houses of Switzerland were produced on the basis of the watch movements manufactured by Japy. He was the one who created the first complicated watch constructions and holographic design.

This brand can be considered as a synonym for industrial development. Unlike many other companies that disappeared and then reappeared in the international watch market, Japy was continuously working for many years - this family business existed for two centuries.

  The 20th century was a rather difficult challenge to Japy. Most of the discoveries associated with watch movements occurred in the period from 1800 to 1900. Then a quite period began . It lasted until the Quartz boom occurred.

The company had to go through great difficulties to remain in the global watch market. And nowadays it still remains a producer of unique watch movements.


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