Waldteufel, Émile


Waldteufel, Émile (December 9, 1837 – February 2, 1915)

Émile Waldteufel is a French composer, conductor and pianist,  the author of more than 250 waltzes.

Waldteufel was born in a Jewish family of musicians in Strasbourg. Music surrounded him from his childhood - his father had an orchestra, one of the most famous in Paris, and Emil showed remarkable talent for music, which predetermined his education - he studied at the conservatory. After his graduation he worked as a pianist, then conducted an orchestra at the Napoleon III’ balls. Sometime later he conducted dance music in London (1885), Berlin (1889) and Rome. Since 1865 he was the conductor of the ballroom in Paris. At the same time Waldteufel loved to compose music himself. His first waltzes "Joy and sorrow" ("Joies et peines", Op.102, 1859) and "Manola" (Op.140, 1874) were published with his own money, and they were the ones that brought him popularity.

His most famous works are "Skaters", "Espanya", "Dolores", "Sirens", "Student" and others.

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