The history

“Sonora”, once the leading Swedish brand, founded in 1932 by Erik Ljungberg, is now part of “Universal Music AB” (formerly “Polygram AB”).At that time, only foreign-made records were sold in Sweden, they were expensive, and Erik Ljungberg agreed with “LM Ericsson” about pressing the discs.

Eric Ljungberg quickly established production, the price of his records with the popular Swedish performers was half the price, a competent marketing campaign was launched - and success did not keep waiting!

“Sonora” was also a pioneer in forming the repertoire, for example, the jazz genre attracted very many popular jazz artists of that time to Sweden, while “Sonora” also became a very successful brand of religious music called “Sonata”.

In 1946, the company suddenly left a number of key employees, this, coupled with a lack of shellac after the war, led to a strong decline in production volumes of “Sonora". During the 1950s, however, there was a new upsurge, and the company released recordings of new popular artists. But with the death of the founder in 1958, the company passed into the hands of "Polygram", new recordings were no longer made - mostly reprinting old material.

In 1999, “Polygram” became part of “Universal Music”.