Werner, Adele


Werner, Adele  - russian artist and sculptor of the second half of XIX - early XX century. She studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1884-1892). In 1888 and 1890 was awarded with incentive medals and in 1891 she received a small silver medal for the bas-relief "Hercules and Omfala". In 1892, for the program "Susanna" (alabaster) the artist was awarded with a small gold medal and received the title of class artist of the second degree. A. Werner lived and worked in St. Petersburg. In 1895, Werner participated in the contest for creation of the monument to Emperor Alexander III and received the third prize. Beginning from 1903, Werner made sculptural models following the orders from the Imperial porcelain factory that were further converted in porcelain, biscuit porcelain and terracotta. Author of a large number of genre statuettes and portraits. Worked as a painter as well