Walk through the museum. "The Order of Things exhibition" (video)

Museum Collection presents a new video tour through the thematic exhibition "The Order of Things", which is devoted to the leisure time in the 19th - early 20th century. It is a project in which we strived to reconstruct as authentically as possible the object world surrounding a person of that distant and colourful epoch. Such an ambitious task predetermined the choice of exhibits -- the exposition presents items from the sections “Decorative Arts and Jewellery”, “Prints”, “Clocks” and “Mechanical musical instruments and objects”, which are the hallmark of the museum. The exhibition narrates the story of the most popular entertainments of the century before last, using examples of everyday objects that people used to surround themselves with. These are both accessories associated with the fashion for gentlemen fashion and luxurious women vanity cases (necessaries). These unique items  provide an opportunity to feel oneself a welcomed guest of the 19th century higher society and demonstrate that it was during this period that a huge number of phenomena were formed, without which we cannot imagine our life today. The detailed story about the most glowing of those items is in the new video "The Order of Things exhibition".

"The Order of Things" is a lyrical journey to the world of regular leisure and recreation. Showing these amazing items, examining their history, designing the construction and organising the exposition, we really wanted to acquaint you, the guests of the exhibition, with the atmosphere of serenity and peace in the rapid flow of modern life.
The items of "The Order of Things" exhibition are presented in the Thematic album in the Museum Photo Gallery.