Updates on the museum Collection website in the section “Art Glass and Ceramics”

The museum website is constantly updated with new exhibits. Today we present updates in the section "Art Glass art and Ceramics”.

Design of facets prevailing in Russian glass art of the 19th century are described in detail in an overview published on the museum website. They are the following: "diamond" facet, or "plain diamond", the “Bakhmetevs" facet, "diamond" or "trellis stone" facet, "fan" facet, "strawberry diamond" facet,  "stone" facet, "bamboo leaves" facet, "beam rosette" or "star" facet, "Oliver" facet, the “Maltsovs" facet, “peacock feather” facet, "finger" facet,  "prismatic"  ("stepped") facet, "Russian facet", "Russian stone" facet, "wide" facet and  "fossette" facet.

 Updates in the museum Collection section "Art Glass and Ceramics".

A review article “Art glass production technologies” is in the section "Articles and Reviews".