Works of art glass reformer Emile Galle on the Day of Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity and Inspiration Day is a holiday that motivates realization of the most daring ideas and plans. It is not marked broadly and no mass celebrations are held. Practically only those who belong to arts community celebrate Creativity and Inspiration Day. The highlight target of the Day is to show that creative activity is not just a hobby -- it involves a lot of laborious work, pursuing of enlightenment and quest for excellence during sleepless nights.

Creative people realize how facile and joyous it is to make something when you are on the inspiration roll and how hard it is to sit at the table, stand or pace around for hours waiting for a muse or serendipity to come.

Inspiration is a special human condition characterized by high productivity, howling enthusiasm and concentration of energy. This state is a typical feature and integral part of creative activity. Honoré de Balzac was inspired by strong coffee, without which he could not write. Victor Hugo put a miniature bronze figurine of a dog in front of him. Igor Stravinsky started his creative work after standing on his head - he believed it was his way of refining his brain for new ideas. Ludwig van Beethoven considered a razor to be the key enemy of inspiration. He was convinced that shaving would put him out of tune, thus he never used a razor before composing. The prominent composer intensified his brain activity by a bucket of cold water that he poured over his head within regular intervals. Richard Wagner laid out pieces of vividly colored silk cloth on the furniture surface before sitting down to compose his music, and would periodically touch them as he worked.

Inspiration is closely connected with a flash of insight, sudden perception of the path to solve a problem. There is a recipe for inspiration from Pyotr Tchaikovsky, “I sit down at the piano and start playing something, at least tapping the keys. I do it bene placito, until inspiration strikes".

Researches have revealed that impact of nature can stimulate creativity, which in turn leads to new creative discoveries in human life. Psychologically, inspiration is a special state of mind in which a person experiences energy surge, emotional outbreak and sustainable enthusiasm. It can be very difficult to reach such state in the world that is full of worries and everyday routine. That is why it is crucial for creative people to find their own sources of inspiration.

Nature always has a major impact on a person creativity and emotional state. Even the most ancient deep thinkers admired the beauty of natural landscapes, considering them the height of perfection. Boundlessness and inarticulacy of blue sky, the ocean flow and steppe stretching to the horizon create the illusion of inexhaustibility and limitlessness that is so refreshing, energizing and inspiring.

Demonstrative example of creativity inspired by nature, are the works of the French reformer of art glass, representative of the art Nouveau style, the designer-innovator,Emile Galle. Virtually all his works feature modified motifs of nature: silver-winged dragonflies above morning dew mist, refined orchids, royal roses, exquisite purple-pink lilies, whimsical insects. The images of flowers are stylized, but naturalism is also evident in the painting, which is emphasized by their serpentinous stems and leaves. Emile Galle was fascinated by Lorraine plants and botany and reflected it in his art works. The beauty and quality of execution evoke reverence and admiration at the talent of the renowned artisan.

Galle meticulously reproduced all peculiarity of the plants "anatomy", hence at the same time the "natural pattern" of flowers and plants was transformed so that Oscar Wilde once remarked, "Flowers should not be put in the vases of Galle, since they will always look faded in them”.

One can endlessly look at the vases created by Emile Galle. His art is a perfect illustration of the nature huge impact on an artistic person imagination. Despite the fact that every day our world is becoming more and more adaptable to streamline production, it is difficult for a contemporary artist to find something more magnificent and relevant in search for new creative ideas than pristine nature.

From a flower petal smoothly descending on the ground, to a powerful flap of a bird wings, - the manifestations of pristine wilderness will never cease to fascinate and give inspiration to those who are able to notice and highlight them, turning them into outstanding works of art.

A video clip dedicated to the work of the Emile Galle is posted in the museum Video Archive.

In 2021, to mark the 175th anniversary of the prominent artist Emile Galle, museum Collection organized a chamber exhibition “The Ballad about Glass”, dedicated to one of the artisan’s iconic masterpieces – the Gothic-style liquor service. A video guide through the exhibition is posted in the column “Video Excursions Sequence”.

No less interesting are art ceramic works by Galle -- we invite you to dive into the world of Emile Galle ceramics. You can be acquainted with his ceramic art works that are presented in the museum Collection video series "Ceramics of Emile Galle". All of them are perfect, beautiful and unmatched. The museum website features three parts of this video series ("Landscapes", "Animalistics" and "Heraldry").

An album for colouring with the images of vases by the prominent French artisan, the reformer of artistic glassmaking and art theorist Emil Galle, is in the section "Printed materials”. This album might serve as an auxiliary facility to study the ingenious "floral style" of glass items decoration, created by the greatest glassblower of the art Nouveau era and later called in his honor "Galle style" or "Halle glass".

The museum Collection section "Western-European Glass Art and Ceramic Art" features items created by the talented artist-innovator Emile Galle.

However, everyone has his own source of inspiration -- it might be a good song, a book, a trip, a work of art, a film, a TV programme or personal interaction.

Inspiration is often treated as a gift that descends to a person from the heaven. Creative inspiration stimulates the proper management of criterion for realizing various activities, broadens one's own horizons, shapes up memory, way of thinking, skills and generates interest in creative efforts.