Exhibit in details. Musical automaton “Lady magician” (video)

Museum Collection features large-scale collection of unique mechanical dolls or automata made in the 19th – 20th centuries.

Today, under the heading ‘The Exhibit in Details’ - the story of a musical automaton «Lady magician", created in 1880 in Paris by Roullet&Decamps. The company was established in 1866, when Jean Roullet opened a workshop for making mechanical dolls, and did not cease operations until 1995. The result of more than 100 years of Roullet&Decamps activity was the creation of a large number of incredible mechanical devices. They comprise advertising automata, musical pictures with automaton, figurines animals that perform specific movements and actions, as well as characters that represent people of various nationalities, ages and occupations and can walk and move parts of their bodies according to their character and occupational affiliation.

Musical automaton " Lady magician”, spotlighted on today, is capturing the imagination. The girl's luxuriant costume is as detailed as those, worn by Parisian fashionistas at the end of the 19th century. The head and hands are made of unglazed porcelain. The doll has expressive brown eyes with long eyelashes. Round table with velvet cloth is in front of her. Cube in the form of a dice is in the center and two silver glasses on both sides. When the movement is activated, the magician begins to conjure, waving her wand and nodding her head in different directions. The magic takes place on the table in front of her. First, a glass is raised to the right – the head of a clown in red wig, which turns in different directions and sticks out the tongue, is beneath it. Then the second glass is lifted, with a monkey's head underneath. The monkey turns the head, opens and closes the mouth. Finally, the cube is lifted: a girl with blue eyes and brown hair is hidden underneath it. She turns from side to side and sends air kisses to the audience, as if thanking them for their attention to the performance. The cube is then lowered and the magic ends.