New musical selection “Waiting for the spring to come”

Jazz is a unique form of musical art that by its unique vibrant sound unites races and nationalities, blurs the boundaries between people and countries. It has been proven that when we hear music, the human brain starts producing dopamine, known as the happiness hormonal factor. Moreover, it has been found that not only listening to music, but even the anticipation of listening to a favorite song, increases the level of this neurotransmitter in brain.

On the day of a beautiful spring holiday, we welcome you to listen to jazz and blues from the museum Collection Sound Library. Jazz, as a synthesis of African and European culture, emerged in the United States in the late 19th -- early 20th centuries. Even nowadays it is a unique form of musical art that erases all boundaries between people and unites races and nationalities. Jazz and Blues arose from the same source - the emotional coloring of customs and lifestyle of African Americans. The difference lies in performing, instruments and improvisation.

Classical jazz suggests the existence of a jazz band focused mainly on the sound of the saxophone and trumpet, as well as drums, pianos and guitars. Blues melodies are a question-and-answer dialogue between instruments. In order to distinguish jazz from blues, it is enough to listen to a tune - the jazz style features light and comic motifs that have a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere…

We can definitely say that any good music brings people together, gives energy, strength, life, and therefore is considered a brilliant invention of mankind. On the day of such a tender and solemn, personal and national holiday, which for the majority is International Women's Day, we present you our new musical compilation “Waiting for the spring to come”.