Today is the birthday of the museum Collection founder David Iakobachvili

Dear David Mikhailovich, the staff of the museum COLLECTION sincerely congratulates you on your birthday!

A lot of researches and tractates have been written on how to become a successful person. However, they do not answer the main question...
You are one of the few who managed to comprehend the formula for success and learn the wisdom of life. You always manage to find non-standard solutions to issues; you have leadership and organizational talent, faith in your own strength and in the strength of your team. You have managed to create a close-knit and dedicated team of like-minded people.

Entrepreneurship and art - it would seem, completely different worlds! Your passion for collecting gives amateurs and connoisseurs of art, Muscovites and guests from other cities and countries a lucky opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful world of musical mechanics, to see with their own eyes the unique objects of arts, crafts and jewelry items exhibited in the museum Collection that you have founded.  Moreover, one can listen to live recordings of legendary performers of the 19th-20th centuries in the museum Sound Library.

We are fortunate to work in the unique фтв unparalleled museum Collection that you opened, which has already been appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors of art objects. 

Dear David Mikhailovich, birthday is a great occasion to feel once again how wonderful and diverse life is! May every new day please you and may all your dreams come true!

We sincerely wish you success in your multifaceted activities! You motivate and inspire us!