Online version of the catalog "Fyodor Lorie Firm and Jeweler Egor Cheryatov"

Within the framework of the project “Bringing Back the Desuete Russian Artisans Names” in early December 2021, the museum Collection presented the catalog "Fyodor Lorie Firm and Jeweler Egor Cheryatov" and opened a thematic exhibition “Fedor Lorie and Egor Cheryatov. Restitution”.

The online version of the catalog is now available on the museum website. Moreover, the online version is supplemented with the items that have replenished the collection while the catalog was in print.

The catalog features rare items that the museum Collection founder David Iakobachvili collected for several years - in fact, we can talk about the repatriation of objects of unique cultural heritage. In the turbulent post-revolutionary years, they were evacuated from the country and business activity of a number of jewelry firms and ceased. Huge number of artisans were forfeited, their technologies, equipment, and most importantly and their art works were lost. Nowadays even in the largest state museums’ collections not so many items created by F. Lorie and E. Cheryatov are presented. Even more valuable that now these exhibits can be examined in detail and systematically studied in our catalog.

It is planned to provide copies of the catalog to the libraries of educational institutions (universities, colleges, art schools), specialized museums and colleagues - the catalog required for studying the work of these masters, since there have not been such publications yet.

Integrally, we are going to post large array of information - texts and photos, on the website and in our social networks. 

The publication was realized by:
Project monitors: M.I. Vilkin, I.M. Vilkin
Project coordinators: N.V. Leshkova, I.V. Kovalenko
Authors of articles: D.Yu. Krivoshey, Yu.Yu. Lisenkova, V.V. Skurlov
The catalog compiler, annotations author: Yu. Yu. Lisenkova
Editor: A.S. Bondareva
Proofreader: L.B. Kazmina
Camera work: A.M. Sushenok
Design, layout: A.P. Stanolevich
The publication was attended by A.S. Ermakova, M.V. Zorkina, Ya.A. Strizhevskaya,
M.G. Tsvetkova, S.A. Churaeva