Lecture “Time-keepers. The history of watchmaking"

The lecture “Time-keepers. The history of watchmaking" will be held on October 7, at 18:00 in the museum Collection. Within the framework of this lecture you will learn about the interest of humankind in the process of measuring time, find out how the first watch looked like, about mechanics in the watchmaking art development, recall the biographies of famous watchmakers of the 18th-19th centuries and acquaint with their inventions.

You can register for the lecture on the museum's website, in the section "Lecture Course".

On the museum website, in the collection section "Clocks and Objects with movement", you can examine the smallest details of pocket watches, mantel and table clocks, wall and console clockslong-case clocks, as well as objects with movement with musical mechanism and automaton.

The website section "Authors / Producers"  features biographies of talented craftsmen and inventors that created these unique items.