Collector's Day is marked in Russia today

Collecting is a hobby that involves assembling, studying, classification and storing objects that are of interest to a collector. In this case, each collector himself chooses the principles of compiling a collection: someone collects almost any object relevant to the subject of the collection, and other - only rare ones, someone collects postcards, and some other collects vintage cars. However, the collectors never just assembling items mindlessly, but are interested in the history of an object, its provenance and its origin.

Thanks to the internet, collecting is more popular than ever. Nowadays, it is rather easy to find like-minded people from other countries and cities; also, it is easy to find new items for your collection. Numerous forums and online catalogues help to identify objects, to distinguish falsifications from originals, to exchange items with other collectors, to sell and buy some or other objects. Collectors are fascinating people - they find value, history and significance in those objects that are considered common for other people. They collect all kinds of things.

It would be strange if such a popular hobby did not have its own holiday. The history of Collectors' Day in Russia dates back to the 1950s. So, 65 years ago, in October 1957, a jubilee philatelic exhibition "40 years of October" was held in Moscow, where the Day of the postage stamp and the Day of the collector was celebrated for the first time. However, already in 1958, the Day of the collector was held on May 25 - on the anniversary of the Moscow City Collectors Society (MCCS), established a year earlier. This date of the celebration was kept until establishing of the All-Union Philatelist Society in 1966, after which the Collectors' Day was again connected with the October Day of the Postage Stamp. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some collectors' societies periodically celebrated Collectors' Day in October, but for a long time, there was no nationwide collectors' holiday as such. The situation changed in autumn 2016, when a large-scale exhibition, the Russian Collectors Forum, was held at Moscow Central House of Artists. It was decided during the first congress of the forum, to celebrate Collectors' Day every year on September 21, the day of the exhibition opening.

Today we are not only recalling the history of the holiday, but we are also pleased to congratulate all collectors on their holiday. Nowadays, passionate philanthropists continue their activity on preserving cultural heritage. Contemporary collectors offer the general public opportunity to admire unique works of art that are kept in museum expositions. The social significance of private collections is steadily increasing.

Museum Collection, a well-known cultural and educational project of investor, philanthropist and collector David Iakobachvili and his son Mikhail, is now four years old.

We congratulate the founders of our museum on this holiday and wish them new discoveries, rare finds and realization of their bold plans and endeavors. The collection that they founded is one of the largest private collections of global cultural significance, with the art repository that enumerates more than 30,000 art items. The core of the collection are self-playing musical instruments and mechanical rarities -- music boxes, organs, barrel organs, harmoniums, roller organs and organettes, accordions, amusing automata, player pianos, automatic string instruments, gramophones and phonographs, musical houseware, clocks and objects with movement. The museum exposition also features decorative arts and jewellery items, paintings and graphics, extensive collection of Russian bronze, including fine plastics by the prominent artisans of the 19th-20th centuries, collection of metal art works, glass and ceramic art, multifaceted Sound Library.