Thematic photo album "Old Moscow" for the birthday of the city

The museum Collection staff congratulates all Muscovites and guests of the capital on the City Day!

The tradition of celebrating the City Day in Moscow did not exist for a long time. It is known that on January 1, 1847, Moscow celebrated its first anniversary - the 700th birthday. Moscow marked its next anniversary only a hundred years later. Celebrations on the 800th anniversary of the capital took place on September 7, 1947 (on the day of the Battle of Borodino). The city was decorated with banners and portraits of the leaders, and in the evening, the city center was brightened up with festive lights. Holiday fireworks highlighted the city. Since 1997, on the initiative of the Moscow authorities, the City Day has been celebrated annually.

Old photographs are a reliable historical source for us. The thematic album dedicated to the City Day  features photographs of iconic places in Moscow that are familiar to everyone. Some historical names were returned to the streets and squares in 1990-1993, and residents of the capital again received Maroseyka, Povarskaya, Bolshaya Yakimanka, Vozdvizhenka, Pokrovka and other streets. The images in the photo album are more than a hundred years old, and the majority of buildings and places are recognizable: the Kremlin, Pashkov's House (Rumyantsev Museum), Lubyanskaya Square, Kazansky Railway Station, Kuznetsky Most. However, other places in the city have changed beyond recognition….

Some photographs stored in the museum Collection repository are presented in the section “Photographs”.