Anastasia Vyaltseva - the star of St. Petersburg of the Silver Age, was born on this day 150 years ago

Today, on the day of Anastasia Vyaltseva - Russian pop singer (mezzo-soprano), performer of Russian and Gypsy romances, an operetta artist, 150th birth anniversary - we post a photo album featuring postcards (open letters) with the photographs of the singer that were published in the early 19th century. New musical compilation that is comprised of romances, performed by the pop diva and recorded from the music media stored in the museum, are posted in the Music Library.

... A shining smile, rich and expressive timbre of voice, concealing, according to contemporaries, a “peculiar narcotic aroma”, all this took the listener somewhere far away from everyday life, glorified the sweets of life, oblivion of sorrows and painful problems. Excellent phrasing and elocution, precise intonation, expressive gestures, the power of artistic infusion, and above all, the singer's strong personality - ensured success for the simplest and most unpretentious songs. Anastasia Vyaltseva, a peasant by birth, was proud that she had become the reference of femininity and grace, the idol of aristocratic salons and a welcome guest among the most refined artistic and poetic representatives. She achieved all this on her own, by the power of her talent and charm alone. Almost no one named the singer by her last name - Vyaltseva. Usually, she was called “the matchless". It began courtesy of reporters - and got root. 
Biography of the Russian pop singer - in the section "Authors".