Results of the special project “Finance. Art. Technologies" on "Выберу.ру" portal

More than 17 thousand online guests were acquainted on-line with the museum Collection exposition within the framework of the New Year special project "Finance. Art. Technologies". From December 30 to January 10, readers of the information and financial resource "Выберу.ру" every day learned interesting facts about how technology and art have changed the world, thanks to finances and participation of patrons. Museum stories within the framework of the special New Year project realised by “Выберу.ру” and museum Collection, have become intellectual leisure during the New Year holidays. We prepared our special project “Finance. Art. Technologies” as a New Year's gift for our readers, putting our hearts and souls in it, using knowledge and informational capabilities of “Выберу.ру”. We hope that our special project has brought joy and helped people learn something new and interesting. Perhaps, it prompted new ideas on how to preserve savings or spend money wisely”, said Irina Andrievskaya, head of “Выберу.ру” news and PR department. “We would like to thank our new partners - the museum Collection for the materials provided and maximum support”.

Presently all the stories of the special project "Finance. Art. Technologies" are available in the separate section on the "Выберу.ру" portal.

“This is a new and interesting experience for us. We told the museum stories to a new audience - visitors to the technological financial service “Выберу.ру”. Moreover, in turn, they drew the attention of the museum friends and visitors to our website and social networks, to the online capabilities of the partner - financial marketplace, which accumulates interesting and useful information for everyone. We are looking forward to the restriction measures be lifted to open the doors of the museum Collection. We continue to create new video tours, develop on-line workshops and other online products, - said the museum Collection Art Director Svetlana Churaeva. “We hope that museum Collection and “Выберу.ру” will continue their cooperation, since the museum has thousands of exhibits that keep many more secrets and amazing stories”.