Vintage postcards. Illustrations by Ivan Bilibin

Today is the International Day of Painter that wasestablished in 2007 by the International Association "Art of the World Nations ".

Our collection of vintage postcards features several series created by famous Russian artists and illustrators. Today, on the International Day of Painter, we present the postcards created on the drawings by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin. An excellent illustrator, scene-designer, member of the World of Art association. Definitely, many of us remember books with Russian fairy tales, illustrated by Ivan Bilibin. Rich imagination, knowledge of history, distinctive artistic style and impeccable technique - these are the components of the famous "Bilibin" style.

Some interesting facts from the artist's life:

- Ivan Bilibin was a hereditary nobleman, was born into the family medical director in the Naval Hospital in Libau.

- Graduated from the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, hence five years after graduation, he first entered the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists, and then continued his studies at the school-workshop of Princess Maria Tenisheva and the Higher Art School at the Academy of Arts.

- The first book illustrated by Bilibin in 1899 was "The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf".

- The first stage design work - sketches of scenery and costumes for the opera "Snow Maiden" in 1904 for the Prague National Theater

- After the February Revolution, Bilibin was one of the authors of the Temporary Symbol of the Russian Republic depicting a two-headed eagle without attributes of Tsar throne. The Provisional Government used this symbol from March 1917 to July 1918.

- From 1920 to 1936, Bilibin was in exile. Returning to the USSR, he lived in Leningrad, taught at the All-Russian Academy of Arts. Refused to evacuate, died in besieged Leningrad in February 1942.