Museum stories on Saturdays: “Eugene Lanceray. Life and creative work"(video)

We are proceeding with the cycle “Museum Stories” and today we will be acquainted with the next story about the famous Russian sculptor-animalist Eugene Lanceray, whose birthday was celebrated this week.

Eugene Lanceray was one of the prominent animalists, who brilliantly portrayed horses placing them within the historical context. His works are presented in various museums - in The Radishchev Museum in Saratov, The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, The State Russian Museum, The State Tretyakov Gallery, etc. More than fifty works of E. Lanceray are stored in the museum Collection. The singularity of this gifted sculptor creative works is reflected in his close attention to detail, his willingness to convey the character, habits and plasticity of horses, to individualize a horse and convey its distinctive features.

The images of the Russian Troika, created by Eugene Lanceray, were characterized by distinct emotional expressiveness and vividness. At times, it seems that his Troika is about to gallop away from the pedestal and hurry far away.

During his short life, Eugene Lanceray lived 37 years - he created more than 400 works and became famous as the acknowledged master of small statuary.