Updates on the museum Collection website in the subsection Western European Glass Art

Western European glassmaking art on the cusp of the 19th -20th centuries is a significant and multifaceted phenomenon that had a great impact on the formation of visual aesthetics of the upcoming century. Its heyday coincided with the period of the Art Nouveau and the subsequent Art Deco styles domination. France became the center of Glass art manufacturing. Since the last quarter of the 19th century and up to the 1930s, French art glass manufacturing was experiencing the unprecedented boom. Technological innovations, new stylistic discoveries, vast variety of techniques, and the most important - investigations of the gifted art glass artisans that were working in France in this period, such as A. Kroc, F. Decorshamon, G. Arzhi-Rousseau, Emil Galle, Brothers Daum, Rene Lalique, made the country the trendsetter in the sphere of art glass production.

We continue to replenish the museum site with new exhibits. Today we bring to your attention recent updates in the subsection “Western European Glass Art”. You are welcome to examine these artfully decorated items in detail, admire the amazing colors and floral ornaments created by innovative artisans in multifarious techniques.

A series of nine videos reflecting the diversity of the museum collection of Western European art glass items is presented in the museum Video Archive.