Music compilation "Summer mood" in our library

Summer is the time of beauty, the most blessed time of the year, time when nature comes to life and flourishes. Moreover, our mood immediately becomes elevated in anticipation of the oncoming hot weather.

It is rather difficult to find a person who is not happy with the onset of the long-awaited summer, though not always warm and sunny, but always full of bright events, engrossing voyages and joyful meetings. Summer weather is changeable and sometimes unpredictable. Who would have thought that after such a warm and sunny spring, the first summer days will be so dull and inhospitable that it will be so chilly, gloomy and damp ...

 This year, summer begins with foul weather, nature confuses us, as if specifically trying to spoil our mood, make us melancholic and joyless. However, what summer is without a good mood? Despite the dull weather outside, beautiful and melodic music always helps to improve the mood, especially if it is soulful indigenous Russian pop songs and romances performed by Soviet singers, theater and movie actors K. Shulzhenko, V. Troshin, A. Pogodin, O. Anofriev and others.

We invite you to listen to a musical selection of songs digitized from gramophone records that are stored in the museum Collection music library.

The legendary romance “In Chair Park” opens the compilation. There is something touching, chaste, personal in the words for everyone that is emphasized by the magnetic, light and lyrical melody by Konstantin Listov, the composer of distinguished talent.

The popularity of the romance turned out to be fantastic. Its first performer, the eminent pop singer from Odessa, Arcady Pogodin, whose artistic career began in Odessa in the 1920s, facilitated this. Sympathizing with his fellow compatriot, K. Listov suggested that A. Pogodin perform the romance “In Chair Park”, accompanied by the pop orchestra conducted by S. Khaladzhiev. The success exceeded all expectations. The name of the singer became even more popular. At the First All-Union Pop Art Competition in 1939, A. Pogodin won the title of laureate. The romance "In Chair Park" was always presented in his repertoire. The romance had fortunate destiny. Famous pop singers sang it and recorded it hundreds of time.

Years passed. Hence, the romance, the names of its creators and performers, were not forgotten. As before, the romance evokes nostalgic feelings in the hearts of people as a hymn of fidelity and love.