180 years since the birth of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, composer, teacher, conductor and music critic

From century to century, from generation to generation, lasts our love
to Tchaikovsky, to his beautiful music, and that is why it is immortal.

Dmitri Shostakovich

Tchaikovsky’s work embraced almost all musical genres, among which are the major ones - opera and symphony. The composer's artistic concept, in the center of which are the processes of a human being inner world, complicated movements of his soul, revealed in sharp and intense dramatic clashes found the most complete reflection. However, even in these genres the main intonation of Tchaikovsky’s music is always audible - singing, lyrical, born from the direct expression of human feeling and finding an equally direct response from the listener. On the other hand, other genres - from romance or piano miniature to ballet, instrumental concert or chamber ensemble - can be endowed with the same qualities of symphonic scale, complex dramatic development and deep lyrical penetration. Tchaikovsky also worked in the field of choral, sacred music, wrote vocal ensembles, and music for drama performances.

Tchaikovsky's traditions in various genres found their continuation in the works of outstanding Russian composers - S. Taneyev, A. Glazunov, S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, as well as Soviet composers. The content of Tchaikovsky’s music is multifaceted and at the same time universal, it encompasses images of nature, beauty, love, childhood, life, life and death ... Tchaikovsky’s music captured the enormous era of Russian life and culture of the 19th century, went beyond them and became the property of all humankind.

Tchaikovsky always dreamed that the number of people who sincerely love his music would only increase. Today, everyone knows his music, it sounds in concert halls, on the stages of music and opera houses around the world.

For the anniversary of the great composer, we have prepared a musical selection of the most prominent and grand-scale works of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, recorded from musical media stored in the musical library of the museum Collection.

The composer's biography is in the section AUTHORS.

Source: Belcanto.ru