Today is the 117th birthday of Vadim Kozin - Soviet singer and composer

Vadim Kozin is an amazing Soviet singer who during his life experienced the peaks of fame, and a long period of oblivion, and hard post-war years of imprisonment, however he always remained a faithful and genuine artist.

On the stage, The name of Kozin became known thanks to his solo stage performances and singing of romances and gypsy songs ("Wicket", "Misty Morning", "My Bonfire"). The singer’s repertoire included the works by Russian composers and his own compositions. Kozin in actively popularized gypsy songs in his creative work. Since the 1930s, Kozin’s popularity in Russia had been fantastic, he toured a lot in the major Russian towns, performed with jazz ensembles, and David Ashkenazi was his permanent accompanist.

People lined up for the records of the outstanding singer. Kozin proudly recalled the power of his inspiration at every concert - he was able to perform up to forty songs in a row without a microphone.

Vadim Kozin naturally had a delicate ear for music and artistic talent, a warm, flexible voice, and a soft timbre. His voice was trained by nature, thus learning to sing was easy for him. Among his famous compositions are the romance “Autumn”, “Masha”, “Goodbye, My Gipsy Camp”, “Friendship”, and many others. The singer penned about 300 romances and songs totally.

For the birthday of Vadim Kozin, we prepared a musical selection of songs that he performs, recorded from the gramophone records stored in the music library of the museum Collection.

The biography of the singer is in the section "Authors".