New music album "Autumn" in our Sound library

There is a fleeting, wondrous moment
during autumn’s early days:
time stands motionless, time’s a crystal,
evenings bathe in brilliant rays.

            Fyodor Tyutchev

Autumn has come, and September ends, and "time stands motionless, time’s a crystal, evenings bathe in brilliant rays". Moreover, we are getting used to the fact that the summer is over, and a real golden autumn is in front of us. The summer heat is being replaced by coolness, rain and fog. The Museum section Musical Records features a phonograph record produced by the Gramplasttrest Plant in Aprelevka in 1939. A romance-tango Autumn performed by Vadim Kozin and the Tango Ensemble conducted by Yakov Haskin is recorded on it.

In 1939, Vadim Alekseevich Kozin wrote a whole series of songs that he called "The Seasons", and the romance-tango "Autumn" became part of the Russian music history. The romance has no theme; it has only one leitmotif - love. Everything else is - life and death, eternity and swift-flowing time, the strokes of fate, faith and doubts, loneliness and disappointment ...

Biography of the Soviet pop singer and composer Vadim Kozin in the section AUTHORS.

lyrics by E. Belogorodskaya, music by V. Kozin

Autumn, clear morning,
The sky as if in a fog,
Dal-tones of mother-of-pearl
The sun is cold, distant.
Where our first meeting
Bright, sharp, secret?
One memorable summer evening,
Honey, like random...

Don't go, I beg you,
Words of love a hundred times I'll repeat,
Let fall at the door,
I know it's hard,
And yet "don't go" I say.

Our corner we never close,
When you're in it, then it blooms spring!
Don't go, haven't sung many songs,
Still ringing in guitar each string....