August 24 is the birthday of the Russian sculptor Eugene Lanceray

Eugene Alexandrovich Lanceray was born in 1848; he was fascinated by sculpture from his youth. Despite the fact that the young man did not have a special art education, the Imperial Academy of Arts, where Eugene Lanceray presented his early works, immediately appreciated their profoundness and the sculptor’s awareness how to work with form.

His voyages around Russia, travels to England, France, Austria, Belgium and many other countries played a major role in his formation. Lanceray studied the works of famous French and Russian sculptors, visited museums, galleries and observed a lot.

The popularity the sculptor’s works is largely determined by Lanceray's distinctness. Clichés and stereotypes were unacceptable for the sculptor, he preferred the veracity of compositions instead of imitation other masters’ works.

Totally, during his rather short life, the sculptor created about four hundred works, many of them are stored in the Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery. Works by Eugene Lanceray are presented in the museum COLLECTION as well.

Eugene Lanceray is rightfully considered the founder of the Russian small statuary, due to this the Russian sculptural school became known throughout the world.

To commemorate the birthday of Eugene Lanceray, we prepared a photo album that presents the sculptor's works stored in the Museum COLLECTION.
The sculptor's biography is in the section AUTHORS.