Greetings to the participants of the All-Russian competition of young musicians "Constellation"

For the first time the All-Russian competition of young musicians "Constellation" was held in the Educational center “Sirius” in July 2019. Sixty-three young musicians from twenty-three regions of Russia took part in the pre-qualification stage of the competition. All of them are the graduates of the course "Musical and Performing Art". They are 8-11 years old and received the maximum total score during this year.

The Museum COLLECTION team congratulates all young participants, the organizing committee of the competition and the staff of the Educational Center “Sirius" with the successful realisation of the first All-Russian competition "Constellation"!

We are honored to be involved in this significant project. We wish all participants inspiration and success in reaching new heights in the art of performing. We hope that the Grand Prix of the competition, made according to the sketches of the design team of the Museum COLLECTION will be their happy creative mascot for many years.

More information about the festival program, its participants and winners is on the website: http://sozvezdiesirius.ru/