The 18th of May - is the International Museum Day

In Russia, The International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18б 2019. It is held for the 43th time at the unofficial level.

The goals of this day are to demonstrate the potential, historical, and cultural heritage of modern museums; to conduct scientific and educational work among a wide audience.

The role of museums in society is changing - they are trying to transform their space, become interactive, focus on the audience and the local community, strive to adapt to the realities of the present day and to respond more flexibly to developments. They turn into the cultural centers, become platforms based on which representatives of creative professions together with scientists can implement joint projects where visitors can become complicit in the creation of something new, share impressions and interact with each other. That is why the theme of the international museum day in 2019 is - "Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition".

Traditionally, the opening of new exhibitions, thematic festivals, lectures, museum theater performances, free tours, the festival “Night in the Museum”, scientific readings are timed to the holiday.

Museum COLLECTION announces a new cycle of lectures and thematic excursions, which you can sign up for on the Museum website.

The Museum COLLECTION team congratulates the partners, friends and colleague from Russian and foreign museums on this holiday.

Based on ICOM Russia: http://icom-russia.com/data/events/mezhdunarodnyy-den-muzeev-2019/