Commemorating the 165th birth anniversary of Teresa Carreño – outstanding Venezuelan pianist

The contemporaries characterized one of the most prominent female pianists of the time, Teresa Carreño, as a musician with a male head, male fingers and a female heart. Teresa Carreño became the first Venezuelan actress to achieve international fame. Despite the fact that Carreno was the leading female performer of her time, only brief references can be found in the modern specialized literature. Hence, at home, in Venezuela, the memory of the unique pianist is still honored.

She was called the Piano Valkyrie by her esteemers. She possessed tremendous inner power, which she introduced to brilliant interpretations of musical compositions. Her performances were endowed with poetry and sophistication. She was the first tier actress, whose performance every time turned to be a sensation for the public.

Musical selection, dedicated to the 165th birth anniversary of the outstanding pianist Theresa Carreño, includes works that are invaluable assets of the world musical culture. Among them are the First Ballad, Opus 23; the Third Ballad, Opus 47 and Nocturne in G-Major, Opus 37, No. 2 by Frederic Chopin; Sonata No. 21 (Waldstein), opus 53, part 1 by Ludwig van Beethoven; Sonnet Francesco Petrarca No. 47 from the series Années de pèlerinage by Ferencz Liszt; as well as the Small Waltz, composed by the pianist herself. The recordings on Welte-Mignon paper music rolls make it possible to get an idea of the pianist's performing skills: the subtlety of interpretations of musical masterpieces and the delicacy of the delicate touch can be heard even through the prism of time thanks to the achievements of engineering thought.

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