The 1st of October is the International Music Day

Since 1975, the International Music Day has been celebrated annually on October 1st.. The festival was established on the initiative of the International Music Council (IMC) under UNESCO at the 15th IMC General Assembly in Lausanne two years earlier.

The festival is celebrated all over the world. Hit concert programs, with the participation of the best artists and art groups that perform the works, included in the treasure house of the musical world culture, are organized. Meet-the-artist sessions, thematic exhibitions and enlightenment events are held.

Museum Collection prepared video clip dedicated to the International Music Day. It demonstrates the item attributed to the collection section Player Pianos – coin-operated Nickelodeon with paper-roll mechanism operating piano, drum, cymbal, castanet and triangle, with optional twenty-two note xylophone, mandolin, crescendo and mystery effects, in glazed two-tier mahogany case with four split pilasters with carved capitals. Western Electric Piano Co., Chicago, produced it circa 1920.

In everyday life, we rarely muse on customary subjects. The Music Day is a wonderful occasion to get distracted from everyday life and have a dip in our Sound Library  where a variety of music selections and audio recordings from the Museum Collection fund are presented.

Congratulations on the International Music Day!