On the 25th of February Enrico Caruso was born

Today, on February 25, we celebrate the 145th anniversary of the legendary singer Enrico Caruso.

Enrico Caruso is a great singer, whose name, no doubt, is known in all corners of our vast planet. His songs and the enchanting vocals are an example of the highest musical art. That is why his compositions easily crossed the borders of countries and continents, glorifying the name of the great Italian for many decades.
Once on a tour in Buenos Aires, Caruso made musicians of the orchestra hit the false note. They could not hold back the tears caused by the tenor's penetrating performance. 

By the way, the voice of Enrico Caruso became the first voice of the opera, recorded on the gramophone records. The main part of his repertoire, due to being recorded on 500 discs, has survived to this day.
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For Caruso’s birthday we have prepared for you a special selection of his songs from our Sound Library.