Sculptor Alexander Mikhailovich Opekushin was born on November 28, 1838

Today, November 28, we celebrate the birthday of the famous Russian sculptor Alexander Mikhailovich Opekushin. His works are distinguished by simplicity and restrained although deeply individual manner of performance. His most renowned works are the monuments to the poets A.S. Pushkin and M.Yu. Lermontov, naturalist Karl von Baer and Admiral Greig, busts of Countess Shuvalova and Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich.

A.S. Pushkin portrait, which is a reduced repetition of the head of the statue of A.S. Pushkin for a monument erected in 1880 in Moscow and bronze statuettes "Peter I" and "O.I. Komissarov-Kostromskoy" are stored in the Museum Collection.

Interesting facts from the biography of the great sculptor can be found in the section Authors.