New exhibits in the subsection "Graphiсs"

We replenished the Museum Collection subsection "Fine Arts" with the masterpieces of the remarkable Russian artist A.O. Orłowski. Some of his graphic works are currently displayed in the State Pushkin museum within the framework of the exhibition dedicated to the artist's 240th birthday.

"The personality of Alexander Osipovich Orłowski (1777-1832), a bright Polish draftsman that settled in St. Petersburg in the beginning of the 19th century is legendary in the Russian culture. Along with the greatest achievements of the distinguished Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the creative work of this artist defined the visual representation of the entire era.
The conjugation of Pushkin’s and Orłowski’s destines is symbolic and not accidental. Romantic pathos, spiritual elevation, personal concernment in everything, as well as the plots, themes and heroes of their works unite outstanding masters of a pen and a word; a pencil and a brush"- (cited from the press release of the exhibition).

The exhibition “ALEKSANDER ORŁOWSKI –OUR WIZARD, PAINTER, POET...” is open until the end of May. Graphic works from the collection of the State Pushkin museum and private collections are presented at this exhibition.

The artist’s biography is in the section “Authors”.