New exhibits in the subsection "Objects with Movement".

From: Museum Collection

Dear friends, our website is updated with new exhibits. We are pleased to present a new subsection "Objects with Movement". It is dedicated to an interesting area that unites the jeweler's art and delicate mechanics artisanship.
Miniature boxes with musical movements and snuffboxes with singing birds, presented in this subsection were created in various jewellery workshops in the XVIII - XX centuries. The objects that were manufectured in XIX century, the so-called “golden age of mechanics” are of particular interest. Most often, they were made to order and were always a desired gift and an item of the owner's pride. The diverse decor, masterly processing of gold, silver and precious stones as well as impenetrable mystery mechanisms’ functioning continue to admire the audience even now, in the age of new technologies and materials.

You can enjoy the comprehensive photos of boxes, snuffboxes in the subsection «Objects with Movement», and watch the functioning of mechanisms and mechanical birds singing in the section Video.