Rare doll “Zulma - the snakes’ charmer" appeared in the collection of the Museum

The new exhibit appeared in the collection – a rare doll "Zulma - the snakes’ charmer". Gaston Decamps created this doll in 1907. The doll "dances" with a snake in her hands to four melodies; it closes eyes and turns the head. The doll’s breast, with a cunning mechanism built in, rises, imitating breath, the head of the snake moves following the music. The doll arrived in very poor condition. There were serious cracks, chips and attritions on the body, the clothes was in shabby state, the pedestal seams were fissured, paint was polluted and exfoliated, the mechanism worked with failures. Long and laborious restoration is awaiting Zulma. Watchmakers and doll restorers will work with the doll simultaneously.