Wall and Console Clocks

Musical console clock with quarter chime

    Musical console clock with quarter chime

    Steel, brass, wood, glass, bronze; casting, gilding, varnishing, mechanical work

    125 x 44 x 22 cm, 31 kg


    Musical console clock in wooden case coated with black lacquer, with molded floral ornament of gilded bronze, on four leaves-shaped feet resting on ovals, with glazed windows on the lateral sides. On the upper part of the case there is Cast gilded vase with flowers is on the case top part; molded ornament in the form of a wreath and laurel branches is above the dial. On the front side of the case there is Ornately shaped door with convex upper round glass, flat bottom glass, a latch, with molded openwork ornament in the form of a vase with flowers, curls and leaves is on the case front side. White enamel dial with hours’ graduation by Roman numerals and minutes’ graduation by Arabic numerals in fifteen divisions, two curly hands of golden color and two winding holes. The clock is mounted on console with molded leafy patterns and a frieze framed with chiseled gilded metal inserts. In the console, Musical movement with pinned metal cylinder for six melodies is mounted in the console. It turns on every hour and if desired. An aperture with pin for the musical movement winding, a sliding lever for its arbitrary inclusion and three small levers for turning on / off the movement, repeating or changing the melody is on the right-hand side. The clock with pendulum movement, with two spring engines, cylinder escapement, a five-day power reserve, and a quarter chime on two spiral gongs. The set includes a key.