Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Watch key with full calendar in case and musical watch key

    Watch key with full calendar in case and musical watch key

    France, Paris

    Late 18th century

    Tavernier Etienne (key with calendar)

    Steel, brass, glass, enamel; mechanical works, gilding, embossing, repousse, champlevé enamel, soldering

    1.0 x 5.2 x 3.0 cm (musical watch key) and 4.5 x 2.7 x 1 cm (watch key with calendar)


    The key is in the form of a miniature pocket watch with corrugated golden shell and two enamel white calendar dials on both sides. The dials are closed with the hinged lids with convex glasses in thin bezels. One of the dials, signed, serves as indicator of the current month and sunrise and sunset time. Roman numerals and the marks of half-hour divisions with quarter points between them are along the circumference of the dial. The numbers from two to twelve o'clock, located on the right side, refer to the time of sunrise. The numbers from one to ten on the left side refer to the time of sunset. Explanatory inscriptions in French are located next to the divisions. Two central blued hands-peaks serve as pointers. Small dial with twelve divisions, between which abbreviated French names of the months and number of days in each of them is above the center. The pointer is a thin straight blued hand. Goldish inscription with the name of the master - “Etne. Tavernier is below the center. The dial on the rear side has three concentric scales. The external scale with black Arabic numerals from one to thirty-one serves as the solar calendar; goldish scale of the lunar calendar with four Arabic numerals and symbolic images of the moon phases is inside it. Abbreviated French names of the week days arranged in circle are closer to the center. The pointers are the central blued hands, the lengths of which correspond to the radius of the corresponding scales. Gold ring suspension, which is the crank of the calendar mechanism is fixed on the key case upper part. Gold holder of the key stem, made in the form of tube with square roller passing inside it, which serves to adjust pointers, is in the lower part.

    Gilded pocket watch key is in the form of flat rectangular case with bevelled corners containing miniature musical movement. The case ornately shaped polished shell serves as the movement carcass. Mounting screws are visible on bevelled corners. The sides are covered with thin plates, decorated with guilloche pattern, surrounded by octagonal frame with engraved ornament with enamel. On one side of the case, the ornament is made up of golden leaves and white dots on black background, on the other – it is presented as golden meander on black background. Smooth gold circle with black enamel rim is in the center of each plate. Brackets in the form of polished balls, supported on the sides by wire curls are fixed on wide sides. One of the balls serves as a fastener for blued steel key stem with square cut channel. The musical movement winding shaft passes through the other ball. It ends with relatively wide ring that serves as the crown. The ring is also a pendant. Flat slider located on the shell narrow side activates the movement. The movement is comprised of pinned cylinder, stack of eight tuned steel lamellas and spring motor.

    The set includes a The box pasted over with leather with gold embossing, with the lodgment for two items inside, is in the set.


    Инв.3335 and 3336/ДПИ