Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box

    Singing bird box


    the 20th century

    Metal, steel, brass, feathers; gilding, chasing, engraving, glazed enamel

    4.7 х 10.4 х 6.7 cm, 613 g


    Singing bird box in metal gilded rectangular case with rounded vertical ribs, with blue and white enamel. Vertical ribs are engraved by knurling. An oval aperture in a chased frame and covered with a hinged lid is in the center on the top panel. The lid external surface is decorated with blue enamel in a chased frame, its inner surface is repoussed. A sliding lever for switching the movement on/off is on the front panel right side. When the movement is switched on, the oval lid on the top panel opens, a miniature bird in bright feathers appears. It swirls in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes the beak. The sound movement imitates bird’s chirping. At the end of the program, the bird descends into the groove in the openwork lattice and the lid is closed. An aperture for the bird’s movement winding and screw heads are on the bottom panel with chased ornament. Winding key grip is in the shape of a bird with a square cross section rod.