Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird snuffbox

    Singing bird snuffbox


    20th century

    Silver, pearls, brass, steel, feathers ,stones, leather, fabric; filigree, chasing, gem stones setting, cloisonne enamel

    4.3 х 10.1 х 7.1 см, 529 gr

    In rectangle with rounded corners on the bottom panel mark “WM”


    Snuffbox in silver rectangular case decorated with filigree, decorative stones and ornament of cloisonné polychrome enamel. A filigree color cloisonne enamel ornament of flowers and leaves with golden stars on petals and cabochons of different colors in chased foliate ornament is on the top and lateral panels. An oval aperture bordered with a polished frame and covered with a hinged lid in a chased frame is in the center. A filigree ornament with pearls, cloisonne enamel inserts, green stones and a large red stone in the middle is on the lid. The inner lid surface is smooth. An aperture for the movement winding, three screw heads and hallmarks are on the bottom panel. A sliding lever for the bird’s movement activation is on the front panel. Tobacco compartment with a lid opening upwards in on the reverse side. When the movement is turned on, the lid automatically opens; a miniature bird in bright plumage appears on the field with a gilded lattice. It swings in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes the beak. The sound mechanism imitates sonorous bird singing. At the end of the program, the bird is hidden in the deepening under the openwork lattice and the lid is lowered. Snuffbox is stored in a brown leather case, key with a figured grip and a rod with square cross-section channel.