Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box with clock

    Singing bird box with clock


    the 20th century

    Silver, brass, steel, feathers; casting, presswork, painted enamel

    14.8 х 10.6 х 5.8 сm

    On the dials:“8 DAYS”, “ALARM”. “SWISS”. On the clock rear side: “SWISS MADE”, “DEPOSE”, makers' mark: Latin letters “C M” in oval, mark in the form of a comet. Marks inside the lid on the bottom panel: “432”, “DEPOSE”, “935”, “SWISS MADE”, maker's mark “C M” in oval, mark in the form of a comet


    Singing bird box with a clock and alarm in silver rectangular case on a polished plinth, with guilloche top and side panels of blue transparent enamel. Two ribbed columns-stands, on oval aperture between them, covered with a hinged lid with a painted enamel alpine landscape with a lake, a castle and a swan are on the top panel. Lid's inner surface is polished. A clock with a convex glass, a guilloche side surface, 8-days period of running and alarm is mounted between the columns-stands. The dial is golden with hour’s graduation by Arabic numerals and two blued steel hands, a small dial for setting the alarm period with Arabic numerals and a golden hand. Two winding keys, two heads for shifting the clock hands and the alarm hand, the alarm on/off button and hallmarks are on the reverse side of the clock. The foliate ornament is on vertical ribs and lever. An aperture for a bird's movement winding, four screw heads and hallmarks are on the bottom guilloche panel. When the alarm is turned on, the oval lid automatically opens and a miniature bird painted feathers appears. It rotates in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes the beak; the sound movement imitates the bird chirping. When the alarm clock is turned off, the bird is hidden in the deepening under the openwork gilded lattice and the lid is closed.