Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Switzerland, Geneve

    the 19th century

    Alexandre Magnin

    Silver, tortoise shell, steel, brass, horn; champlevé enamel, repousse, polishing, chasing

    7.7 х 4.7 х 2.3 cm, 164 g

    Maker's mark "AM" in a lozenge; marks in the form of torch, buck head and letter "P"; on the movement "643"


    Gold music box shape, oval in cross section, with a rounded ribbed surface and a hinged lid. The lid edge is decorated with blue champlevé enamel geometric ornament. The lid inner surface and the case are polished, with hallmarks on the panels and welt. Side panels are decorated with ornament in the form of multicoloured champlevé enamel flower baskets over repousse background. A knob for the music movement activation is on the right side panel. An aperture for the spring winding is on the bottom, a knob for switching the tunes is on the rear panel. A miniature music movement for two tunes consists of a spring motor, a programe cylinder with pins and a steel sound comb with 47 teeth. One key is in the form of a sceptre with a short rod and square cross-section aperture, the second key is of traditional shape with a bit.