Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music necessaire for needlework

    Music necessaire for needlework

    Austria, Vienna

    late 19th century

    Hermann B?hm

    Silver, agate, steel, brass, ivory, leather, fabric (satin); engraving, chasing, painted enamel, enamel over engraving

    10.9 х 7 х 14.2 см, 767 g

    On the necessaire mounting plate: Viennese hallmark in the form of a greyhound's head with the letter "A" and the number "3" 1872 - 1922, inside the master's mark "HB". On scissors: image of a comet and the letter "P.K."


    Necessaire is in the form of a locker with a plinth, two swing doors and a hinged. All lateral panels and doors are decorated with the painted enamel miniatures with pastoral scenes. Transparent agate cabochons are inserted in the locks of the lid and doors. Twelve organ pipes and a triangular dark silver openwork engraved lattice are behind the doors. A cylinder music mechanism with a built-in key in the bottom and a trigger lever on the front panel are in the basement, which stands on four cast bird's paws. Scissors, ivory plates for the notes, a pencil, a buttonhook and a nail file with ivory handles are stored under the top lid in the nests of a smooth silver panel. Four silver plates of the lid external side are decorated with a chased curb with black enamel and engraved colorful transparent enamel images of flowers, branches and birds. The necessaire is stored in a light-brown leather case, embossed with a thin gold ornament, covered with a red satin inside, with two swinging doors on brass locks.