Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird snuffbox

    Singing bird snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1840

    Bruguier, Charles-Abraham (The Senior)

    Silver, brass, steel, feathers; casting, gilding, enamel champlevé, painting with coloured enamels

    9.5 х 6.6 х 3.75 cm, 443 gr


    Snuffbox in rectangular gilded silver case with curly vertical ribs. The top side is covered with painted floral enamel ornament on blue background and decorated with chiselled ornament and blue enamel around the perimeter. An oval hinged lid is in the centre. A landscape depicting a lake and mountains, surrounded by chiselled frame is on the lid upper side. Bouquet of flowers on blue background is on its inner side. The lateral sides are decorated with chiselled floral ornament. A sliding lever for switching the movement on is in the center of the front side. The bottom surface is guilloched, with chiselled geometric pattern around the perimeter. This surface is decorated with engraved floral ornament, that surrounds an oval mirror in the center. Keyhole for the bird's movement winding is in the corner. The rear panel hinges upward, opening the compartment for snuff tobacco.